Welcome Aboard Wharfside!


We’re really pleased that our latest Community Ally in the town is the Wharfside Shopping Centre. The team have already been working on reducing waste as part of a wider strategy and we’re really chuffed that support of Plastic Free Penzance has become a central part of their plans. So what will that look like?

First off we’re super chuffed that the Wharfside team have already … in the time we’ve taken to get this blog out … installed on-street recycling bins! This is a huge step forward for the town and we are hoping that the action will now spur on Penzance Town Council to push forward our requests to install dual bins on all its property. Watch this space!

We’ve also been chatting about the brilliant Refill initiative across the UK and are hopeful that as Community Allies the shopping centre can look at the town’s first public refill point. We already have dozens of Refill Cornwall points across the town. most are in our Plastic Free Champion businesses … but installing a public ‘fountain’ will be an important and visual step forward in promoting the refill and reuse culture we need to see.

Thanks also to the team for promoting our message to tenants and encouraging them to sign up as business champions as well as offering use of facilities for training and volunteer events. Look out for our awareness posters and other social media information, which we will jointly be sharing over the coming months.

Community Allies are a huge part of what we do and are vital in reaching different sections of our community. Wharfside have a pivotal role to play in helping us reach local branches of national chains and giving some clout to our initiatives. We are excited to see where our partnership can go. Thanks for the support … let’s free where we live from single-use!