Surviving the Transition Period


We get it, like many others wanting to be more mindful about the environment, you’ve managed to make some impressive swaps to detox your plastic usage in the home, but there’s one area you’re struggling with; your body.

If you’re thinking about taking the natural leap of faith with your body products, but feel overwhelmed with the mixed reviews and tips, we can offer a little guidance to help kick start your journey to eco-friendly self-care.

We’re not experts by any means, but speaking from experience the Plastic Free Penzance team has pulled together some top tips if you’re ready to help eliminate toxins and chemicals from your morning routine for good.

Allow some time for trial and error 

After years of using all sorts of chemicals on your hair and skin, your body simply isn’t used to relying on its natural balance. Everyone’s hair or skin type is different, so your journey to a natural beauty regime isn’t going to happen overnight, but hopefully it won’t be long before you’re on the road to feeling like the eco-warrior you aspire to be!

Allow some time to experiment with different products that work for you. Try different ingredients and buy products in small quantities at first so if it doesn’t suit your skin or hair type, move on to something else. For some local products, Pure Nuff Stuff and Archie Browns in town both offer affordable refills and bars to test out at home.

There are an abundance of options online as well, from sustainable and natural deodorants that come in cardboard packaging or reusable tins with refills, to refillable shampoos, bars and facial products.

Yes, there might be a ‘transition’ stage, but hold out and it will be SO worth it!

We’ve touched on finding the right products for you, however it is also important to remember that it might take some time for your skin and hair to adjust to the ingredients free of chemical preservatives and synthetic additives. For both your hair and your armpits (if you’re switching to a natural deodorant), when you stop using chemicals, your body is starting to detox and self-regulate on a natural cycle.

For hair, this can cause a waxy-like feel from the shampoo bars, hair that gets greasy quickly or seeming brittle and dry. With deodorant, you might sweat more or get a bit smellier than usual. Some people might not experience a ‘transition’ period at all, however if you do then fear not, after a few weeks this stage should pass and you’ll be back to a healthier, more naturally balanced state.

Be mindful, that hard and soft water can affect the product you are using on your hair, so this should also be taken into consideration when shopping for shampoo bars and natural options.

With most of us working from home, there’s no time like the present right?!

If you’ve been wanting to take action but have been a bit time poor, then why not use lockdown as a great excuse to start experimenting at home with different, naturally produced products that won’t add to the nasty stuff we flush into the sea every day.

With more people working from home and spending less time outside, why not make this your lockdown challenge and finally say goodbye to harmful toxins, chemicals and not to mention the plastic waste that comes with them.

So overall, try not to give up in the first few weeks. Leave some time for adjusting and get experimenting!

We’d love to hear about your journey to a natural self-care routine, so please feel free to tag us on Insta and Facebook.