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Refill PZ helps us all to reduce single use plastic immediately

The collaboration between Plastic Free Penzance, Sustainable PZ and Penzance Council came about after we were asked countless times: ‘Why isn’t there a Refill Shop in Penzance?’ At first we thought: ‘Yes! Why isn’t there a trendy refill shop? Of all the places there should be one, surely Penzance is it?’

Then we thought again and realised that there isn’t a dedicated refill shop because the town already has refill covered … and has done so for years.

We have so many independent businesses in town that offer refills – from water and takeaway coffee to cleaning products, health & beauty and food shop essentials. We realised the job wasn’t to bring a trendy refill shop to Penzance but to simply shout about all the businesses we already have.

This coincided with the national Refill scheme widening its online App to include things like food essentials and takeaways, so it was a no-brainer to link up with the national organisation to get more PZ businesses on the app so they’re more easily found by locals and visitors.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Check out the Refill PZ map to see businesses involved and what’s on offer
  2. Download the Refill App to search on the fly. You can use it across the rest of the UK (in fact the world) to find refill locations
  3. Look out for window cards and posters in shops to indicate they offer refill
  4. Choose to refill water and coffee instead of using single-use bottles and cups
  5. Switch up the weekly shop and buy goods on refill instead of single-use wrapped
  6. Check out our wider Plastic Free Champion Business Directory to see where else you can shop in PZ to reduce plastic
  7. Spread the word to friends and family

Why use Refill?

Refill is a real solution to plastic pollution and the planet’s growing waste mountain. It is a way to not create waste in the first place. It’s time to join the Refill Revolution.

If your business would like to join the scheme please email [email protected]

COVID INFO: If you’d like more on the safety of refill and reuse click here.