Plastic Free … My ****!

Plastic Fantastic

We hear this sometimes. Not always as Jim Royle would express it! But it is put to us in various ways be it questions from journalists, comments on social media or general observations. Is Penzance REALLY plastic free? Well, the obvious answer is: “No it isn’t!”

Plastic Free Penzance is the name of our campaign. It is a vision and very much a journey. Our aim is to reduce our community’s impact by targeting single-use, avoidable plastics. There are ten main items that we focus on, as these are the day to day items we can tackle in our lives and also the items that we see wash up on our beaches day after day.

Surfers Against Sewage Community Toolkit
c: Surfers Against Sewage Community Toolkit

We tackle these items plus others we identify as avoidable plastics in our community (such as excessive packaging and food wrap) by working with local groups, businesses and schools and by raising awareness through community events and action. We also share individual actions that we can all take to try and minimise avoidable plastic in our lives. If you would like your own individual action plan click here and also check out our Life Hacks

We don’t expect anyone or any business to wipe out plastic overnight, it’s impossible to do so! Plastic is not always evil … it is essential in some areas of life and sometimes it is actually the preferable option. But it is the way we use plastic that is the problem and over the years single use plastic has infiltrated our lives to the point where we think we can’t do without it, for a number of reasons. That means we need to make small lifestyle changes to move away from it. We need to instigate culture change, which again takes time!

Single use plastic is prevalent in alarming and huge numbers. That’s the scary thing. But it also means that just one small change in our habits and attitudes can have a massive impact. 36.5 million plastic drinks bottles are bought every day in the UK. If we all decide to stop buying them – what a difference that would make!

10 plastic bottle in 10 minutes at Perranuthnoe

Plastic Free Penzance is very much about positive change, community action, community ownership and doing what we can together to make a difference.  We believe that gives us the best chance of the long term, sustainable, culture change we need to see to wean ourselves off our rush around, disposable lifestyles. An aspiration that benefits us and our families as well as our beautiful world.

If you’d like more information on what we do and how, email [email protected]

If you want more information on the Plastic Free Communities movement we are part of click here