Kick start your Plastic Free Summer


The Summer Holidays are back in full swing and having been locked up for most of the winter, we’re all dying to get our swimsuits on, head to the beach and get some much needed relaxation time in. At Plastic Free PZ, we’ve been keeping busy for Plastic Free July, but if you’re looking to extend your plastic free lifestyle, or you’re looking for tips on how to keep the kids busy this Summer with eco-friendly activities, we thought we’d give our tips on how to have a plastic free summer in the most beautiful part of the country (OK, we might be a little biased but we can’t help it).

Keeping the kids busy with plastic free activities

In Penzance, we’re lucky enough to have the beach on our doorstep, so there’s a tonne of plastic free activities that involve a whole lot of fun and minimal waste.

  • Plastic Free Beach Days – a beach day doesn’t need to result in bagfuls of rubbish. Pack your own sandwiches in reusable containers for the day, bring reusable water bottles and bring a bag so you can pick up any litter you see on the day to help keep our beaches clean.
  • Plastic Free Picnic – the stunning coastline surrounding Penzance is the perfect location for a light hike followed by a picnic. Say goodbye to throwaway cling film, local shops such as Hobbs sell reusable beeswax wraps to keep your sarnies fresh.
  • Microplastic Mondays – to get the kids stuck in this Summer, Plastic Free PZ is bringing back its Microplastic Mondays workshops, all free and available for anyone to join. The team usually meets at Red River on Marazion beach to educate little ones on the microplastics that can be found in the sea using sieves. Check out our Instagram to see when the next workshop is taking place.

Educating guests on the Plastic Free PZ mantra

As a lot of people are still avoiding travelling abroad, tourist numbers in Penzance are even higher than usual and as much as the Cornish love to welcome all with open arms, we don’t love their mess.

If you’ve got guests visiting this Summer, make sure to encourage them to be as plastic free as possible and keep our beaches as lovely as they are. Reminding them to pack tupperware, reusable shopping bags, bottles and cups is a simple and effective way to help them enjoy an eco-friendly holiday


If you’re visiting Plastic Free Penzance

If you’re visiting our neck of the woods this Summer, please do remember to respect and help keep our coastlines as they should be, clean. Keeping it simple, we’ve got 3 easy reminders for tourists who want to be as plastic free as possible;

  • Use a refill bottle – with the launch of Refil PZ, there are an abundance of shops, cafes and restaurants in PZ that will refil your water bottle for you, so no need to buy plastic bottles as you can refil on the go!
  • Use a refill coffee cup – don’t forget to pack your coffee reusable cup to enjoy your morning caffeine hit without the waste.
  • Shop Local – as a range of shops in Penzance such as Thorne’s fruit and veg shop and Harvey’s Butchers offer plastic free packaging, shop local rather than head to the nearest supermarket that usually results in a lot of unnecessary plastic.

We’d love for you to spread the word on your plastic free holiday. You can follow us on @plasticfreepz