Five things you can do to cut plastic this Platinum Jubilee


It’s so good to be able to plan events and celebrations with each other again. With that comes another resurgence of single use plastic. So, this Platinum Jubilee we’re sharing top tips on how to cut waste and plastic at any parties you or your community have got planned.

First up, did you know Penzance has an Event Charter? It sets out some minimum actions for any events being organised in the town. You can get a copy here

Also take a look at the Sustainable PZ Events guide and feel free to download a copy of the Events Guide to send to people coming to your event or put up locally so everyone can see it.

Here are some more ideas and thoughts:


Take a refill coffee or festival cup out with you and ask for your brew or beer to be put in that, rather than a disposable cup. Refill is perfectly safe and while vendors have always had the right to refuse, the more of us who ask, the more it’ll be become normal practice


Don’t buy anything in single-use plastic where you can. If you’re organising a get-together at home or in the street, get everyone to bring a plate. Works out cheaper than loads of plastic wrapped, supermarket-bought party and picnic food too.


Take a refill water bottle to keep your H2O topped up and use reuse cutlery, tubs and plates for food. Works for festivals … but also think back to Silver Jubilee parties and proper cutlery, plates and cups laid out on tables in the streets. People can bring their own and take them home again after to wash.


Reducing and reuse means less waste to get rid of. Provide adequate bins and separate out anything that’s left so a much is recycled as possible at your events. You can even collect compostable food waste for local gardeners, allotments or growing projects. If you’re out and about and there are no bins, take rubbish back with you.


How can you do things differently? What will you do with leftover food? Growing Links is a fabulous local CIC providing healthy meals to the most vulnerable people and families in Penzance. Could you take it there? Can you get food and drink from local businesses rather than the supermarkets to cut plastic? One simple swap: Bunting for Balloons!

Get more tips and ideas in our Life Hacks section on events here

Any action, small or large, adds up. We hope there are some ideas in here you feel you can put into place … and we hope you have a great time.