Woodstock Guesthouse

About the Business

Name: Jon & Nikki Matthews, owners

Actions To Date:
• Glass carafes and glasses for water
• Refill jams/marmalade in small glass jars
• Butter knobs on dishes
• Refill jars of breakfast cereal
• Milk in jugs and flasks
• Coffee and tea in glass jars
• Sugar cubes in glass jars instead of sachets
• Refill bathroom products
• No single-use extras like shower caps etc.
• Foil wrapped chocolates in rooms
• Share Plastic Free PZ tips with guests

Proposed action:
• Continue to pressure suppliers
• Sourcing plastic free biscuits/treats for rooms

“We did it from the very start three years ago. Because you do, you look in straightaway and thought ‘No we’re not having that!’ And then it becomes a bit obsessive! The guests notice, they love the bits and pieces in the dining room and things look prettier and better presented and guest come back … that’s the main thing! You know you’re doing something right and they do notice the little things.

“Once you start everyone catches on. That’s the good thing. I’ve been chatting to someone who’s been in the business for 15 years and now they’re doing coffee in glass jars too… and then I’ll get a hint from them on something else, and before you know it we’re all doing it! The word of Plastic Free PZ has got out and guests are taking it home with them too.”