Western Discoveries

About the Business

Owners, Sabrina & Russ
Current Actions:
  • *No longer provide zip-lock map cases to clients
  • No longer line route notes with plastic covers
  • All drivers carry reusable coffee cups and water bottles
  • Encourage and remind visitors to bring reusables with them
  • Community Ally actions include putting plastic free info in booking forms and sharing info with their wider network
Proposed Actions:
  •  Looking into the use of plastic slide binders to bind route notes
  • Need to find an alternative to plastic luggage tags
“We are a small, family run business and since 2009 we have been providing hiking vacations around our home region of West Cornwall. Plastic pollution has a hugely damaging effect on the health of our seas, and this is a problem that people are increasingly becoming aware of. If everyone does their bit, from switching to paper bags to taking part in a beach clean, we can actually make a difference.
“When you shop in Penzance, keep an eye out for businesses with a Plastic Free Champion plaque. These are the local businesses that are taking action with the scheme, and you know that you’ll be supporting our plastic-free community be using them.
We’re so proud of Penzance for taking the initiative and leading the way – and we hope that soon, the whole of Cornwall will have the same plastic-free status.”