Venton Vean

About the Business

Name: Phillipa McKnight & David Hoyes, owners
Actions To Date:

  • No plastic bottles in rooms
  • Refill water bottles available for guests
  • No individual sachets or pots for jam, butter, milk etc.
  • Re-use bread bags for bin liners
  • Refill toiletries in rooms
  • No single-use extras in rooms like shower caps or cotton buds
  • Refill pots of tea bags and fresh ground coffee
  • No individually wrapped biscuits – fresh homemade treats on arrival instead
  • Veg box delivered from local farm

“When people arrive we offer them a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake or some biscuits and if they don’t want it then I give it to them later. We like our guests to have fresh homemade ingredients and we don’t buy things in unless we have to. So we make our own granola, our own jams and compotes and we buy in local bread in paper.

“I tell guests what we do and why and that we’re supporting Plastic Free PZ. I’m really proud that PZ was the first town to get the recognition and we’ve all got a duty to do what we can. It’s great that we are ambassadors, especially as we have the sea and all our amazing marine wildlife on the doorstep. When I was in London it was all about things being on demand and being convenient for ‘me’. As time goes on you begin to reflect on that.”