tremont hotel

Tremont Guesthouse

About the Business

Name: Mary and Steve Taylor

Current actions:

  • Tap water in glass bottles for rooms
  • Milk available in glass bottles on request
  • No plastic bottles in rooms
  • No individual sachets for jams & condiments. Refill jars/bottles instead
  • Buy as much fruit & veg plastic free as possible
  • Returning any packaging to the supermarket
  • Refill toiletries in rooms
  • Do not provide single use room items like creams, shower caps and sewing kits
  • Paper sanitary bags in bathrooms
  • Recycling bins on each floor

Proposed actions

  • Plastic Free PZ info in rooms on actions guests can take while staying in the town
  • Looking to reduce plastic food packaging further
  • Looking into getting rid of bin liners and refill cleaning products

“We do it because of the effects of plastics on the environment and on humans and the effects of what we consume and how. It makes a difference to people and what we offer, very much so. With some people it doesn’t register, but for a lot of people – and especially now that there’s so much awareness – it’s on their radar. People do notice and they comment … ‘oh you’ve got recycling’ or ‘you’ve got no plastic bottles’. It makes a difference.”