About the Business

Name: Paddy McCollum-Nutbrown

Actions To Date:

  • Cardboard hand printed boxes which can be composted/recycled
  • Paper bags
  • Canned drinks only
  • No sachets
  • No takeaway cutlery
  • Paper napkins on demand only
  • Business cards made from T-shirt off cuts from fashion industry
  • Source as many ingredients as possible plastic free

Proposed Action:

  • Looking at how to do dips in paper ramekins

“For me it’s simplicity and there’s no need to have loads of new stuff. There’s all this waste being cast off. Why do we need to create more all the time? It’s nuts. I wanted the business to have a sustainable ethic to it.

“We try and get as much as we can on the doorstep. That’s the ethos in Naples, in Italy. They source everything locally. So we’ve tried to bring that here and it’s actually more cost effective. Packaging from suppliers is tricky. Flour comes in bags, tomatoes are in cans but where it falls down is the shrink wrap – but we recycle that and we’re down to two bags of general waste a week.

“We need to get maximum bang for our buck because we’re on a shoe string so we need everything to be as efficient as possible and as little waste as possible. Otherwise you’ve lost a couple of pizzas and that builds up over time. So sustainability is key”