Tin Box

Tin Box Coffee Company

About the Business

Name: Chris Wolff, owner.

Actions To Date:

  • Paper bags
  • Sugar in bowls
  • No drinks in plastic bottles
  • Coffee Refills encouraged & sells Keep Cups
  • Water refill point
  • Wooden stirrers
  • Cakes and treats in glass domes or jars
  • Compostable coffee cups and lids
  • Compostable tea bags
  • Use local suppliers to cut environmental impact and packaging

Proposed Action:

  • Looking for a better solution to coffee cups and promoting more refill
  • Working on suppliers to reduce plastic packaging, e.g. milk
  • Looking into soap bars or refill soap

“The takeaway coffee cups are an industry problem we need to find solutions for. I try and keep on top of that to see what alternatives are coming up, but I think I’m doing the best I can on that at the moment.

“People like to see that you’re looking to improve on plastic and the products that you’re offering. A lot of people notice the small touches and want to see that going forward.

“It costs a bit more but, living in Cornwall, if you’re not concerned about the environment then you should be really living somewhere else because that’s what Cornwall is all about, the environment! It was always our aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.”