Refill at the weigh inn in penzance plastic free

The Weigh Inn

About the Business

Massive shout out to The Weigh Inn – Penzance’s original Refill Store!

People ask us ‘Why doesn’t PZ have a trendy refill shop?’ It’s because we don’t need one! There are so many businesses already offering refill … and this is the original. You are more than welcome to take your own containers – just make sure you get them weighed before filling up.

Current actions:

• Refill dried goods store selling everything from flour, cereal and pasta to sugar, custard powder, nuts, dried fruit, seeds, pulses … everything!
• Refill herbs and spices
• Refill pic’n’mix sweets
• Refill egg boxes
• Local jams, marmalade and honey
• Paper bags and re-use bags on offer
• Keep stock of plastic bags in for sticky products and encourage their reuse