c: Plastic Free PZ

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About the Business

Name: Simon Taylor, manager

  • Banned plastic bottles of drink
  • Banned coffee cup lids
  • Cut cling film by re using tubs
  • Banned stirrers
  • Swapped to paper straws
  • Refusing products which come in plastic packaging and have already halved the amount of stock which comes in plastic.
  • Happy to refill water bottles and looking to join Refill Cornwall.

“It’s vitally important that everyone gets on board. It’s the future, not only of Penzance, but of the country and of the world. It’s so important we all do our bit. If we all start doing our bit at home and then bring it into the workplace, we can make a big improvement

“In the transitional phase we put signs up when we were still using the straws saying, do you really need to use a straw? And then we switched over to paper. People ask why we don’t stock certain beers anymore and we’ll explain because they came packaged in plastic. I think a lot of the customers are aware of the plastic problem and get on board with it. It hasn’t been a problem at all.

“At the end of the day it’s an easy decision to make. You have to consider what’s important, an environment or a certain brand of beer. The environment wins. This is putting Penzance on the map. Penzance is going above and beyond and if more towns follow suit we’re in for a positive future.”