Turks Head

The Turk’s Head

About the Business

Name: Jonathan Gibbard, landlord

Actions To Date:

  • Straw ban – stock stainless steel reuseable straws to buy instead
  • No plastic drinks bottles
  • No sachets – condiments in dishes and bottles
  • Wooden toothpicks
  • Paper sugar sachets
  • Re-useable beer cup for events
  • Re-use tubs for storage to help cut cling film
  • Recycle as much as possible including food waste
  • Use local suppliers to cut plastic

Proposed action:

  • Put pressure on suppliers who still send plastic packaging

“We’re noticing a difference in suppliers, it’s slow but it’s coming through. I try not to nag! But I do mention it and say ‘Oh by the way’… or ‘Plastic today is it guys?’ But they’re generally quote good, it’s not going to happen overnight and we’re doing what we can.

“There’s a massive difference in attitude in the town. Little things like the straws, people completely get it and understand. We do all our own recycling, I have a small general waste bin and a massive bin for recycling! I reckon just 10% is general waste. It’s all worth doing, it’s working and it’s been a lot easier that you think it might be.”