The Tube Coffee Van

About the Business

Name: Simeon Portway

Action to Date:

  • Wooden stirrers
  • Paper Bags
  • Customers re-use cardboard trays and cup cuffs
  • Compostable coffee cups and lids.
  • Compostable spoons
  • Plants trees to offset fuel.

“It’s just normal thinking these days, it should be part of everyone’s thinking really. There’s nothing special about it and it’s good for business. I don’t make people aware of it enough I suppose. But you get a lot of good feedback from customers when they find out, they appreciate it.

“It’s more expensive, but that will change over time and I do try and balance it out. But you just have to take a hit on the margin, there’s quite a good mark up on coffee, but I just take the hit.

“I see that as normal and that’s the thing …you have to have a different mindset on it and a longer view of what it is to have a business and conduct yourself in the world. It’s not about short term gain, you have to think about other things and those thoughts have to be built into the business.”