Credit: Plastic Free PZ

The Terrace

About the Business

Name: Lou Todd

Action to Date:

  • Food is wrapped in paper and/or cardboard
  • Paper plates
  • Wooden cutlery
  • Sells Keep Cups with a refill discount on hot drinks
  • Water refills on offer
  • Re-use old ice cream tubs to cut down on cling film
  • Reuses old milk bottles to serve drinks

Proposed Action:

  • Phasing out plastic water bottles
  • Sourcing longer paper straws for drinks
  • Putting pressure on suppliers not to send plastic packaging

“If we’re switching to PLA plastics (plant based/compostable) then I would like to see a facility where it can be recycled/composted. I think that’s a really big one. Also the general public do need to be educated more – as do all of us – and a real awareness made. I want to promote it in the shop but I need to be clear on things as well.

“Getting away from cling film is difficult because we need to keep food fresh and reducing cling film is more of a challenge than I thought, but we have made some changes. There are other things you discover … like finding out our greaseproof paper has silicon on it so isn’t biodegradable. It’s finding out about the other materials that we use and really finding out if they are compostable or recyclable, or not.

“Putting pressure on suppliers is definitely the next step. Unless we make a noise suppliers aren’t going to know what we want or don’t want and we’re in the infant stages of alternatives to oil based plastics. It’s going towards using other materials and processes to make plastic like materials that we can use without being detrimental to the environment.”

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