The planted house shop front

The Planted House

About the Business

Owner, Antonia Macgregor

Current actions:

  • Reusable pots
  • Wooden sticks instead of labels
  • Paper bags if people forget own reusable shopper
  • Paper packaging instead of bubblewrap
  • Glass Spray Nozzles

Future actions:

  • Sourcing refill plant food

“Obviously we promote green living and the aesthetics of the shop are not orientated towards any plastic products. So, although all the plants are sold in the plastic pots in which they grow, these can be reused over and over again.

“We have avoided any plastic plant labels, using wooden sticks instead and we welcome anyone coming in with their own bags, as this saves on the paper ones which come with their own environmental costs.

“Bubblewrap has only ever been used when it’s being reused, because something I have ordered has wrapped arrived in it. Our spray bottles for misting plants are glass and the plastic nozzles are for re-use. At present, the plant food is sold in plastic bottles, but I am exploring the idea of it being supplied in bulk so that I can offer a refill service!”