The old lifeboat house

The Old Lifeboat House

About the Business

Current actions:

  • Drinks in glass bottles
  • Bread comes wrapped in paper from Baker Toms
  • No single use sachets
  • Coffee biscuits without plastic wrapper
  • Cardboard coffee cups & lids are compostable
  • Reusing plastic tubs for food storage

Proposed Action:

  • Look into offering discount for people who bring a reusable coffee mug

“As soon as I saw the campaign on Facebook I wanted to get involved because I grew up in Penzance and have seen what has happened to the beaches around here. I’ve become much more conscious of the environment and like to do what I can to make it better. With us being a restaurant right next to the water it’s even more important that we set a good example.

There has been some single-use plastic which we have struggled to get rid of completely or find a suitable alternative, mainly cling film as it is so convenient. However, we will be more conscious and try to reduce our use as much as possible.”

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