The Hoxton Special

About the Business

Name, Olaf Marshall

Actions to date:

  • Refill coffee in retro cups or reuse mugs
  • Compostable cups under the counter as a back-up
  • No coffee cup lids used
  • Cakes and snacks in glass display case rather than plastic
  • Paper wrapped coffee
  • No plastic bottles of drinks sold
  • No takeaway cutlery
  • Paper straws on demand
  • Smoothies in a jar rather than a plastic cup
  • Community Ally – supporting beach cleans and raising community awareness

Proposed Actions:

  • Look into alternative to plastic milk bottles
  • Look into refill cleaning products

“To be honest it isn’t that hard to get rid of plastic. We don’t sell anything that comes in a plastic wrapper, it’s expected now and customers will notice more if you HAVE plastic. Generally people expect you to avoid it, you know they don’t notice you not having plastic … but they DO notice when you have it!

“We see it first hand right here. If you get a big tide or a storm the beach is covered in it. You see the impacts and the plastic on the beach. It brings it home; you can’t avoid it. You have to be part of the solution.”