The Granary shop front

The Granary

About the Business

Name: Sasha Williams

Action to Date:

  • Paper Bags
  • Wooden Cutlery
  • Refill herbs and dried goods
  • Glass and canned drinks
  • Loose fruit and veg
  • Refill water point
  • Plastic Free home and beauty
  • Paper wrapped bakery goods
  • Refill salad bar

Planned action:

  • Changing suppliers so cupboard staples like rice, pulses and cereals come sustainably wrapped.

“Our customers love it! They’re really pleased things are compostable and recyclable. We’re obviously still working on certain things, we’re not 100% perfect by any means, but people know we’ve always tried to be eco in here and people really like that.

“Don’t be scared about it. I’d definitely encourage businesses. Be open to ideas and just learn about how you can change things to make it more positive and reduce single-use plastic waste”