Plastic free penzance places to stay

The Artists Residance

About the Business

Name: Melissa Brown, General Manager

Actions To Date:

  • No disposable plastic in rooms. Toiletries are on a refill basis and cardboard cotton buds provided
  • Eco coffee pods in room, which are recycled
  • Cleaning products are on a refill basis
  • No plastic bags in room bins
  • Washable cleaning cloths used
  • Fabric napkins only
  • Glass bottles of drink only
  • Paper straws
  • Homemade bar snacks stored in glass jars and served in china dishes
  • Water Refills
  • Recycle as much as they can
  • Community Ally for Plastic Free PZ and host meetings/events

Proposed Action:

  • Still working through takeaway coffee cups and looking to replace with a compostable alternative and/or refill scheme
  • Putting Plastic Free PZ ‘Three Things You Can Do’ information in rooms for visitors

“For me personally I’ve always been very aware of doing as little damage as I can to the planet for a long time. By little brother is a Marine Biologist and he educates me a lot, so that support my beliefs in doing what you can to reduce waste and things being destroyed.

“From a business point of view, unfortunately some of our guests don’t really care. That’s hard. We can do what we do and we try our absolute best but sometimes tourists from different places perhaps don’t have the education or the knowledge and we can feel a bit defeated. But we also have guests who pick up on what we’re doing and comment on it.

“Plastic Free Penzance has made a difference. It’s brought the town together which is always really nice and it’s so nice to see business and people coming together for something that’s really good.”