The Backroom

About the Business

Name, Phoebe Hughes

Current actions:

  • No plastic drinks bottles in the office. Use refill bottles instead
  • Use reusable cups and make their own hot drinks in mugs at work.
  • Re-fill cleaning products
  • Paper wrapped loo roll
  • Refill glass jars for storage
  • Avoid cling film and tinfoil by using lunch boxes
  • Buy larger packs of yogurt, crisps, biscuits etc. & decant to cut packaging
  • Ask for plastic free packaging, choose cans and refuse plastic cutlery if buying lunch out
  • Send plastic back to manufacturers for recycling
  • Reuse packaging
  • Have their own reuse shopping bags

Proposed Actions:

  • Look into milk delivery in glass bottle instead.
  • Passing the message on to clients to choose environmentally friendly packaging
  • Exploring Pack Swap PZ scheme with other businesses
  • Looking at getting refill pens