Photo: The Acorn

The Acorn

About the Business

Name: Richard Cawley, Manager
Actions To Date:
• No plastic water bottles
• Paper Straws on demand
• Banned takeaway cups completely
• Successfully pressured suppliers to stop wrapping deliveries in plastic
Future action:
• Get rid of single wrap biscuits
• Plastic Free Snacks
“We have to show the way forward to people. Some people have no idea the damage it does to the environment and living so close to the sea and being surrounded by coastline … all you need to do is look at the papers and see what it’s doing. It’s devastating to animals … and human life and we need to seriously look at what we’re doing.
“The decision to ban takeaways cups was that we’re just passing the problem on to someone else. Even if it’s a paper cup, a lot of people once they’ve had a drink aren’t thinking the best and could just dispose of the cup anywhere, like in someone’s front garden. It’s not necessarily going to end up in a recycling bin. So by stopping it completely we’re not pushing the problem onto someone else, we’re dealing with it first hand at the Acorn.”
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