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The Accounting Equation

About the Business

Current actions:

• Bring own refill water bottles
• No plastic water bottles for clients
• No disposable coffee cups in building – refill only
• Bring own lunches in re-usable containers
• Recycle all office paper, confidential paper is shredded
• Coffee, tea & sugar for visitors in refill glass jars

Proposed Actions

• Pen refills rather than single use plastic pens
• Finding a way to re-use shredded paper
• Refill printer toner cartridges
• Pencil highlighters rather than pens

“It’s about always looking at how we can do things better. It’s got to be something that is cost effective, both for the planet and for us, and that is achievable. For businesses that are thinking of getting on this journey, it’s not that hard. Little steps are very easy; such as buying a water bottle, they’re not expensive. Start thinking about what you bring your lunch in; what are you bringing it in? Get yourself a lunchbox which you can re-use, don’t use plastic cutlery, things like that are very, very easy to do and those are your first steps.

“We will be putting this on our Facebook page and we will periodically post suggestions such as, have you thought about doing this? We will be working with the Chamber of Commerce and we’re getting a lot of feedback about stuff like Pack Swap and other things that Plastic Free PZ are doing. It’s something we all believe in and we’ll just promote is as best we can with other businesses in the town. It important that everybody is doing this. If we don’t do something about this planet we are not going to have one.”