Sullivan’s Diner

About the Business

Name: Jubbly Sullivan, Owner

Current actions:

• Glass water bottles

• Drinks in cans

• Refill sauces

• Refill sugar, salt and pepper

• No sachets

• Homemade biscuits instead of plastic packed

• Refill water point

Proposed actions:

• Swap cling-filmed sandwiches for freshly made paper-wrapped sandwiches

• Move to having no disposable coffee cups, with a refill scheme

• Insist customers use the cafe’s cups on outside tables

• Look at an alternative to juice cartons

“Lots of things have moved us to this, the younger staff have been nagging me which is a good thing, and just realising the impact on the planet. The more you look into it the more you reasoise how much plastic there is!

“It was seeing the koalas in the Australia bushfires which really got me. I thought, ‘right that’s it, no more plastic for me – I don’t care about the profit, we’re going to start looking after the planet’. People say – ‘well what’s the connection?’ I don’t know, but in my head it does connect and I need to do something about it. We can’t just keep carrying on.“