Senara restaurant staff

Senara Restaurant

About the Business

Jamie Gaspare – Department Lead Hospitality and Catering

Current actions:

  • Baggasse takeaway containers
  • Wooden cutlery
  • Paper Bags
  • Paper coffee packaging
  • Drinks sold in glass bottles only
  • Reuse glass bottles for oils and dressings
  • Compost food waste
  • Use local suppliers to minimise food miles and packaging

“We only use local suppliers, we try and keep it within 10/20 miles. We phone up our fisherman and say – “What did you get?” and sometimes there isn’t anything because it’s been too bad to go out. That’s the reality. We phone up the local butcher and see what’s available and we eat food that’s in season. As much of our veg as possible is locally grown, our chickens are local, we use Trink dairy … and because we are doing this we minimise packaging. It comes in covered in mud and feathers and that’s great because the students get to go out and pick what they want to eat and cook with. We don’t get it from Poland wrapped in loads of stuff we have to throw away!”

“It’s something we have to do. Down here it hasn’t been much of an issue to find the alternative products and a lot of the bigger suppliers, like Penwithian, are really responsive to it. We can say to them that we’re having to buy items from Amazon and they will source them. Yes, it might cost a bit more – but if enough people in the town are doing it then the price will inevitably drop.”

“We’re training young people to be in the hospitality industry and I think the industry has an issue with waste and sustainability. There is so much waste. We need to be encouraging young people when they go into the industry to waste as little as possible. We save all our extra heated milk to make ricotta – we use all our excess food to make meals for the homeless. Nothing goes in the bin.

“To train the next generation to be sustainable is a no brainer for me. People forget because it’s so nice here, but it is a classroom! Sustainability needs to be the driving force now – we’ve got to the point where we can’t waste anymore. There are no excuses anymore.”

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