Second Glance Hair Design

About the Business

Name: Martin Walker

Actions To Date:

  • No plastic drinks cups
  • China cups for hot drinks
  • Refill shampoo and conditioner bar
  • Paper bags
  • No single-use plastic wrapped biscuits
  • Glass bottles of product
  • Other plastic bottles of product are recyclable
  • Staff actions – use refill water bottles and coffee cups

Proposed Actions

  • Continue looking at what new things can be done to reduce SUPs

“We do anything we can. At any possible turn since going down this path, if there’s a way I can reduce it, I will. I’ll tell people not send me things wrapped in plastic even, if at all possible. A lot of the bottles we get are plastic and there’s not a lot I can do about it … but at least they are used for a good few months and we have the refill bar now.

“When we order from the local supplier it isn’t re-wrapped and it just comes in a re-used box. Suppliers are trying; they’ve realised that this is the way it’s going to go. If L’Oreal have brought out refill they’ve realised something’s got to give! And we’ve got to do it. It sounds like a school child would say, but it’s saving the planet. It’s the future. First of all, commercially you’re committing suicide if you don’t and secondly … we’ve just got to do it! If everyone does a little bit it all adds up … if everyone does nothing, we’ve still done nothing.”