Sea Soul Blessings

About the Business

Name: Pippa Best

Current actions:

  • No plastic bags, only paper
  • Reusable and recycled display materials
  • Recycled tissue paper wrapping
  • No stickers
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Dissolvable bio-packaging peanuts
  • Cards are cardboard and 100% recyclable
  • Mini book is plastic-free and printed on 100% recycled paper
  • Source from plastic-free and ethical suppliers
  • Staff actions: refill water bottles and coffee cups, re-useable bags, plastic free shopping, soap bars

Community Ally Actions

  • Attend Plastic Free Penzance beach cleans
  • Raise awareness through website and social media
  • Ethical gift guides
  • 10% of sales go to SAS
  • Aim to deepen the community’s connection to nature & work to protect it

Proposed Actions:

  • Reprint bigger sets of postcards laminate/plastic free and from recycled materials.
  • Shift to water-based inks
  • Cut down pen use and swap to pencils where can
  • Work towards giving 50% of net profits to environmental causes, and to act as a role model for a sustainable way to do business
  • 2020 environmental campaign
  • Virtual meetings to cut travel

“We make mindfulness cards and gifts inspired by the sea. Nature is our inspiration – our cards use the sea as a source of greater calm, confidence and clarity, boosting the wellbeing and self-compassion of those who use them. So naturally, we want to protect our environment in every way that we can.

“As a sea swimmer in Penzance, I find myself walking or swimming through single-use plastics most days, and although we regularly beach clean as a family, it’s an uphill struggle. I know we need to stop the problem at its source.

“In recent years, my family and I have cut down on single use plastics in my home life, and it was really important for me to do the same in this new business. I have two young children who are passionate advocates for the natural world, and I want to ensure that our planet continues to support them and others as they grow up.”