Reynolds Opticians

About the Business

Name: Sophie and Marcus Slater

Actions to date:

  • Free lens cleaner refills instead of single-use bottles of cleaner
  • No plastic carrier bags (running down old stock)
  • Reuse all packaging
  • No plastic drinks bottles in the office, staff use refill bottles instead
  • Use reusable cups for hot drinks, staff and clients
  • Glasses of water, rather than single use cups
  • No bin liners used
  • Recycle contact lenses, cases and packaging
  • Recycle old glasses, lenses and frames
  • Recycled plastic framed glasses in stock
  • Looking for more sustainable frame ranges, based in the UK rather than flown in from abroad
  • Send plastic back to manufacturers for recycling

“Since having children we can see what’s happening to our planet and we think if we can just do something to help, those small actions will turn into bigger effects. In businesses as well, people expect it now. Especially as more of premium quality brand, people to do expect us to be conscious of what we’re doing and trying to be as sustainable as possible.

“We have to care for the planet we live in and it’s important to lead by example. As a business we’re the ones giving out this waste to people … it often isn’t the consumer’s problem. So, we’ve got that full circle supply, especially with the contact lenses now. That was weighing really heavy on our minds … we’re giving out these daily single-use items and what is happening to them? Now they come back to us and we’re ensuring they are being properly recycling and not ending up in landfill or the sea”