Photo: Restless Native

Restless Native

About the Business

Actions To Date:

  • No carriers – paper bags & Canvas shoppers
  • Staff actions – encourage refill water bottles and coffee cups
  • Encourage customers to use own bags
  • Sell plastic free products and lifestyle items in store
  • Raise awareness among customers through social media

“Obviously some things arrive in plastic bags or packaging still, but we do re-use it. It’s difficult for us to put pressure on suppliers … as all of our products from India and Nepal and it’s a different culture. But in Nepal for example, plastic is recycled into clothing, things like shawls and fleeces, and some of the clothing we sell contains this recycled plastic. They’ve been doing it for years.

“All of us are pretty aware of it – none of us use plastic bags, the staff are clued up and customers are really good as well. We always explain why we don’t have carriers and they’re fine.”

Photo: Restless Native