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Regent Court Veterinary Practice

About the Business

Current actions:

• Plastic bags replaced with paper bags
• Ziplock bags swapped for paper envelopes or cardboard folders
• Washable theatre caps instead of disposables
• Plastic polishing heads for dental work replaced with metal heads which can be refilled
• Strip bags reused and made into waterproof boots for paw bandages
• Saving colourful vaccine lids for a mural in reception
• Cork bunged water vials dried out and reused
• New syringes with 30% less plastic
• Use tinned pet food instead of pouches
• Cardboard stick cotton buds
• ‘Cones of Shame’ are 80% recycled material
• Plastic free cat bowls
• Plastic free cat litter
• Washing powder in cardboard boxes
• Staff use refill water bottles and coffee cups
• Recycling all plastic packaging
• Plastic Free Penzance Community Ally raising awareness through events social media and client comms
“We thought it’d be really hard in vetinary practice, because so many things do have to be disposable. Some things you can’t get around. But we’ve achieved all of this without it taking too much time or effort. So it shows you can do loads.
“People have seen the impact we’re having on the planet and on animals particularly. We’re vets, we care about animals and their future and it’s our little way of helping them too.”