Credit: Plastic Free PZ

Pure Nuff Stuff

About the Business

Name: Emily Kavanagh

Actions to Date:

  • Soap wrapped in paper or in card boxes
  • Solid shampoo bars
  • Use glass jars for creams
  • Swapped to paper bags for products which previously were in plastic
  • Challenging suppliers to find alternatives to plastic wrapping
  • Stock biodegradable glitter
  • Added option to the website so people can choose to have their orders packed without any plastic
  • Online orders are sent in cardboard boxes, filled with cornstarch packing peanuts and sealed with paper tape
  • Sell reusable linen fruit and vegetable bags
  • Plastic-free cotton buds
  • Bamboo toothbrushes
  • “Naked” products – with no packaging at all

Proposed Actions:

  • Working towards all online orders being plastic free as standard
  • All new products will be developed with environmental impact in mind
  • Thinking about logistics of refill option for their most popular products

“Due to the nature of the business, it’s difficult to be completely plastic-free but where we have managed to make changes the response has been fantastic. We’ve seen 87% of customers choose to have their online orders packaged without plastic since the option was added to the website and have struggled to keep up with demand for our hair & body bars.

“I think the campaign has been so successful because it’s tapped into a collective frustration at the lack of action from people in power. As consumers, we all have the power to make a difference by taking responsibility for our own choices.”

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