Credit: Plastic Free Pz


About the Business

Name: Kim Coulson

Action to Date:

  • Banned carrier bags – stock re-useable jutes and cloth bags.
  • Banned water bottles – have joined Refill Cornwall
  • Banned takeaway coffee cups – sell Keep Cups and offer discounts on refills
  • No plastic bottles in the shop
  • Local Honey jar refills
  • Egg box refills
  • Paper bags and wrapping
  • Compostable cups for events

Proposed Action:

  • Looking for compostable tasting cups
  • Plastic Free Pledge made for 2018

“The things that we’ve done really haven’t taken a lot of effort. We were a bit worried about how people would react, but people have been really supportive. It’s an easy thing to do, you just have to say ‘Yes. We’re going to do it’. It hasn’t caused any problems at all. We’ve managed to stop selling water and take away coffee and it really has been fine.

“The biggest thing for us was the plastic bags, because our sales from here tend to be bottles and heavy items, so we were worried about how people were going to react to that. But this is our third month now and we have had nothing but support for it, so it was a worry about nothing.

“I would say to other businesses, get in touch, find out what you can do and just do it. It’s too short. The planet needs that help and we can’t keep saying maybe we’ll do something next year, just get on and do it.”

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