Pet Spa Penzance

About the Business

Name: Carol Shaw

Actions To Date:

  • No carrier bags
  • Refill Dog Shampoos and products
  • Refill Cleaning products
  • Compostable poo bags
  • Re-use towels which are washed instead of disposable
  • Staff and customer actions – refill water bottles and coffee cups
  • Switching to digital data and getting rid of poly pockets
  • Sourcing plastic free packaging
  • Refill doggie treats from local pet shop and stored in a tin
  • Protective gear is re-useable
  • Recycle what packaging waste that is collected
  • Community Ally supporting beach clean events

“ It isn’t an easy business to go plastic free in, but it is important a) because of our ocean b) because we see pets being ill because they’ve ingested stuff they’ve found on the beach and in the woods and c) we need to all do our bit to protect the planet. In Cornwall we are really blessed and we should make an effort to do it.

“We walk the dogs too and I encourage staff to beach clean while they’re doing that and to bring back anything they find to dispose of it in the appropriate manner. We minimise it by using alternative ways when we can and recycling any plastic that we can’t avoid. We are saving a lot. Our bin is rarely full and that’s testament to it I think … and that saves us as a business in waste removal costs”