Penlee park theatre in penzance

Penlee Park Open Air Theatre

About the Business

Name: Dave Hunter

Current actions:

  • Banned sale of plastic water bottles
  • Wooden Cutlery
  • Cardboard food trays
  • Cardboard coffee cups, compostable lids
  • Paper wrapped toilet paper

Planned Action:

  • Doubling recycling capacity
  • Re-useable or compostable beer cups

“It’s not been really difficult at all. The audience reaction has been amazing. When we’ve had to move because of rain and we’ve gone into a local church and we’ve not had the capacity to move the recycling bins as well, I would say every other audience member has complained and asked where the recycling bins are. So it’s very much part of the ethos in the way we work now and people expect it.

“The general consensus is that it’s important and we’re fully in agreement. We live in Penzance, the sea is less than a mile away, it’s full of marine litter we don’t in any way want to contribute to it. I would say it’s a lot easier than you think, because there are a lot of alternatives available and you will find that your customers appreciate it because they are beginning to look for it.

“Plastic Free Penzance is a massive step forward and is exactly what we should be doing”