No 38 PZ

About the Business

Name: Shauna Stanton, Owner

Actions To Date:

  • Milk in glass bottles for guests
  • Tap water in glass bottles
  • Refill toiletries in rooms
  • Individual bars of soap in rooms
  • Don’t provide single use room items like creams, shower caps and sewing kits
  • Jars of coffee and tea, so there are no sachets
  • Paper wrapped loo roll
  • Plastic Free tissues
  • Paper bin liners
  • Washing powder in cardboard boxes and no softener used
  • Canvas shopping bags available for guests to use during their stay
  • Booking confirmation reminds guests that they’re visiting Plastic Free PZ and to bring refill bottles & cups and also what actions they are taking as a guest house
  • Room info on Plastic Free actions guests can take

Proposed Actions:

  • Checking that compostable products are home compostable rather than need sending to an industrial composter
  • Looking at offering biscuits in small tins/Kilner jars to avoid plastic wrappers

“ It’s always been part of who we are anyway, I haven’t had to change mind-set. The only thing to think about is at what point do we implement things in the business. But tourism has to be sustainable, there is no other way forward. I can’t think we’d go back to doing it any other way now.

“It’s so important. Plastic Free has become part of Penzance’s identity and it’s a brilliant thing, on so many levels. It’s something that Penzance can run with. It’s always been a little bit different as a place, and I think it’s just going to keep growing. We’ve moved back after being away for 30+ years and it’s great to see how much the community has got on board. Penzance is leading the way and it’s important to support that and be part of it.”