Newlyn Cinema

Newlyn Filmhouse

About the Business

Name: Layla (Duty Manager) James (Head Chef) and Magda (Bar)

Current actions:

  • Paper Straws on demand only
  • Glass bottles of drink only
  • Plastic free bar snacks in jars with re-useable dishes
  • Use tubs to cut down on cling film in the kitchen
  • Refill scheme on coffee to cut down single use cups
  • Wooden spoons with ice cream
  • Wooden stirrers
  • Water refills and glass carafes of tap water available

Proposed Action:

  • Putting pressure on suppliers to reduce plastic in deliveries
  • Looking into putting recycle bins outside screens, once there are better recycling facilities in the area

“Takeaway coffee cups are our biggest challenge as they go into the screens. We’re going to introduce were we can the Keep Cups and brand them to ourselves so it’s promoting the business. The other thing is recycling and food waste. I think in the long run it will all save money and as it rolls out across the whole of Newlyn we can team up with other businesses if we can.

“It’s going to be more expensive initially but in the long run we’re going to be saving as we won’t be buying so many takeaway cups. There is also a lot of customer interest in being plastic free so it builds up a customer base.

“It’s really important to do it. We need to show the younger generation that we actually care, then they see it and I think they might actually take this on board. If we’re starting something for them, they will follow that path which is probably the only way we can do it now.”