Newlyn Art Gallery & Exchange

About the Business

Name: Simon Jaques, ops manager

Actions To Date:

  • Paper bags
  • Paper straws
  • Jute bags
  • No takeaway cutlery
  • Cake domes
  • No plastic drinks bottles
  • Coffee refills
  • Water refills
  • Compostable coffee cups
  • Refill coffee cup scheme
  • Refill cleaning products
  • Refill soap
  • Local suppliers to cut plastic packaging and product miles
  • Community Ally – building community composter for local businesses, support Plastic Free PZ events

Proposed action:

  • Purchasing a steam cleaner to cut cleaning products
  • Organising a community refill coffee cup scheme
  • Stopping using national drinks’ suppliers like Coca Cola

“It’s important to support the economy locally. Local companies tend to have a more eco-response; they tend to be organic and better quality, so the product for the consumer is better. It reduces miles, certainly there are no air miles, and they tend to be plastic free. It just makes more sense.

“The gallery has been here well over 100 years and is seated in the community, but the art we show isn’t always to everyone’s taste … so it’s good to do other things. The cafe has always been a community hub and we’ve got a strong focus in the shop on local makers. To work with the community and other businesses and restaurants just makes sense.”