Mr Billy’s Tea Shop

About the Business

Name: Nigel & Heather Parry, Owners

Action to Date:

  • Paper bags for takeaway sandwiches
  • Loose coffee beans or fresh ground coffee sold in refill bags
  • Loose tea sold in refill bags
  • Paper bags with string handles
  • Reuse food tubs for storage to cut down cling film
  • Coffee arrives in Hessian sacks which are re used by customers
  • Wooden stirrers
  • Don’t hand out takeaway cutlery as standard

Buy butter in blocks of 250 grams so it comes in cardboard rather than a plastic tub

Proposed Actions:

  • Looking at how to tackle coffee cups – considering bringing back Keep Cups
  • Looking at bringing in paper straws

“It’s a conscious thing going forward. We’re starting to use suppliers who use shredded paper for packaging instead. There’s one uses shredded wood, like shavings. Another supplier has stopped using plastic altogether when they send stock, which is brilliant.

“People are more conscious of it. The big companies are dealing with it themselves now so it makes it easier for us, because then we’ve got less of a problem getting rid of it. We have a recycling bin for what we do use … but there’s less of that now.

“Customers are more educated and it is something bigger on the agenda than it was. People are more aware and there’s more education for children, it’s an ongoing thing. It’s an ongoing thing for us too.”

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