Mirva shopfront

Mirva Collective

About the Business

Name: Annette Costello & Angie Trueman

Current actions:

  • No plastic bags, only paper
  • Paper tape
  • Refill tea and coffee
  • Staff actions: refill water bottles and coffee cups, re-useable bags
  • Sell reclaimed and recycled items and gifts
  • Plastic free wrapping and items on sale

Proposed Actions:

  • Look at plastic packaging on cards
  • Continually review single-use plastic use

“We all feel very strongly about the environment. We’re all horrified about the amount of plastic in the ocean. We’ve already done a lot. We got rid of carriers not long after we opened up. We use paper bags for wrapping and a lot of our traders at the gallery use recycled materials. We promote it through what we sell, we have hardly any plastic.

“It’s a great little town, a working town and a proper community. We care about Penzance, we care about the ocean, we live so close to it! If we get this recognition now we can push that on and encourage others to do the same. Our children and grandchildren are on the marches, there’s a genuine call for it”