Make Industries

About the Business

Name: Sharon Holmes

Actions To Date:

  • Paper bags
  • PackSwap Bubblewrap
  • Free Water refills on offer
  • Plastic Free gifts from local makers
  • Plastic Free lifestyle products such as soap/shampoo bars, food wraps and containers
  • Compostable ice cream tubs and spoons

Future action:

  • Continue to focus on getting plastic free products in the shop
  • Continues to put pressure on for plastic free packaging

“Reuse, compost, don’t keep buying new … just re-use what you’ve got! Customers, when they buy jams and things, they bring back jars now and we’re seeing the refill and re-use message coming through. We have a big sign on the window for water refills … and people are coming in more to do it now. We’ve got to cut plastic down 100%.

“Plastic Free Penzance is helping and the town can help it more. We’ve just got to get it out there. If we’re being seen as the place to be plastic free then we all have to do our bit. I’d like to see more recycling bins and the supermarkets aren’t doing enough are they.’”