plastic free lifestyle shop in penzance

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About the Business

Name: Georgina Martin, Owner

Actions To Date:

  • Paper bags
  • Tissue paper wrapping
  • Re-use plastic packaging for online orders
  • Use fabric cut-offs to make packaging ties, instead of plastic
  • Sells a wide range of plastic free lifestyle products including:
    • Bamboo tableware and takeaway food containers
    • Refill water flasks and coffee cups
    • Refill food storage tins and containers
    • Childrens toys
    • Wrapping paper and decorative paper tapes
    • Candles and many other lovely things

Proposed action:

  • Continue to pressure suppliers over plastic packaging

“It was our ethos from the start to re-use things, so it didn’t all just go in the bin and nothing was one use. We have a responsibility to make sure that we’re not adding to the mess of everything.

“I think it all shows our community spirit, that everyone is doing it and is on the same page. I see lots of stickers in windows in the town and I think shoppers are getting a different feel from the business that are trying to do something thoughtful”