Little Wonder Cafe

About the Business

Name: Nic & Katie Lennon

Action to Date:

  • Refusing single use as much as possible
  • Second hand crockery and china
  • No serviettes
  • Paper straws on request.

Events Catering:

  • Palm Leaf Plates
  • Wooden Cutlery
  • Compostable Soup Pots
  • Compostable coffee cups

“We try to give out as little as possible and we just re-use things. It works better for us and obviously for the environment as well. One thing people love about it is our china cups and saucers. I think quite often people come here expecting a polystyrene cup of tea and then they get a proper tea pot with a bone china cup and saucer and we use those tacky souvenir spoons as well! I think it’s a selling point for us.

“Our location on the Prom makes you very aware – if you go down on the beach now you will probably see some plastic washed up. It’s visible from where we are, so you actually see the results of people using it.

“Just do it. It isn’t hard. It’s very easily available. When we started there wasn’t a lot of stuff that wasn’t plastic and it was harder to get. But the local wholesaler sells wooden cutlery now, compostable or eco plates as well, so there’s no excuse not to now.”

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