Keigwin House

About the Business

Name: Fran and Stuart Brint

Actions To Date:

• Refill mini-jars for jam and marmalade
• Mini-jars and lids for decanting yoghurt
• Sauce station instead of sachets
• Filter coffee in pots instead of sachets
• Guests can help selves to milk from fridge
• Reuse silicon food covers to cut cling film
• Refill food backs to cut freezer bags and storage
• Buy plastic free fruit and veg from Thornes
• Fresh fruit in bowls
• Water in carafes and glasses in rooms
• Refill toiletries in rooms and no single use extras like shower caps.
• Recycle guest rubbish
• Share Plastic Free PZ info on booking forms and in room information


• Refill cleaning products
• Refill cereal once current stock has been used
• Further reduce milk sachets
• Look at removing individually wrapped biscuits in rooms

“It’s just frightening seeing all the plastic in our ocean … and for my grandchildren I want the world to still be here! I don’t want to kill the planet off, so it’s logical to do it.

“It hasn’t been difficult. It’s just making the effort really, a little bit of research to find the glass containers and a bit more research to find the right cleaning products for bulk buying and refill … but no, it’s not difficult at all.”