Justin Duance Jewellery

About the Business

Name: Jamila Hirtenstein

Actions To Date:

  • Refill Cleaning products
  • Paper wrapped loo roll
  • Refill water bottles
  • Refill coffee cups
  • Plastic free lunches
  • Orders go out in totally plastic free packaging.
  • Organic, homemade jewellery cleaning cloths sent with all orders
  • Reuse small plastic bags which deliveries come in
  • Ask customers to send back ring boxes so they can be re-used
  • Continue to put pressure on suppliers not to send plastic bags and packaging

Proposed Action:

  • Looking into alternative ring boxes
  • Raising awareness among customers

“It’s important to keep up. At the end of the day we’re a jewellery company. We sell high end products and people want beautiful packaging as well. So, it’s finding the balance – but it’s not very hard and the plastic-free look goes with our brand. It’s rustic, it’s hand made. We use recycled materials as much as we can and people come to us for unique and handmade things.

“We’ve only got one planet – we can’t just carry on. We’re seeing a massive impact on the world and it’s very easy to turn a blind eye. It’s time to stop. I read an article somewhere and it said ‘don’t focus on what you can’t do, focus on what you can’. We all need to be more conscious about our lifestyles”