Junkwax Records

About the Business

Current actions:
  • A focus on buying and selling used vinyl and not just newly-manufactured vinyl
  • Switched from plastic to recycled paper bags
  • Producing and selling reusable tote bags
  • Reuses plastic album sleeves
  • Uses refill water bottle and coffee cup
  • Reuses packaging from distributor mailings for my own customer mailings (cardboard, bubble wrap, etc)
  • Buying locally where possible, rather than ordering online via big multi-national suppliers (such as Amazon)
Future Actions:
  • Looking into how to dispose of unwanted vinyl in an environmentally-friendly way (eg donating them to creative businesses who can turn them into something else).
  • Going to purchase eco-paper packaging tape in future (rather than plastic packaging tape);
  • Putting pressure on suppliers to use more sustainable packaging options.
Owner Steve says: “I love vinyl, but I recognise that there is work to do to minimize the impact of this format on the environment. I’m particularly conscious of the impact on the marine environment being so close to the sea here. With that in mind I am always looking at ways to do my bit at Junkwax Records to reduce the use of plastics in the business.”