Inverted Fitness

About the Business

Name: Natalie Jose

Current actions:

  • No plastic drinks bottles in classes – refill bottles only
  • Reusable cloths instead of wet wipes
  • Refill cleaning products/solutions
  • Recycle any plastic that does make its way into the centre
  • Plastic Free snacks & lunches
  • No disposable coffee cups allowed
  • Plastic Free Birthday Parties with reusable and plastic free items
  • Clothing range is plastic free and items can be sent back to be recycled
  • Community Ally and support Plastic Free events and designed Plastic Free PZ Beach Clean T Shirt to raise funds.

Future action:

  • Continue to raise awareness in the community
  • Continues to look at how they can reduce single use further

“It’s a personal thing; I spend half my life on the beach, we live in the water. Plus we’re a bit animal crazy! So when you see all these pictures of marine animals trapped in plastic and you go to the beach and you see plastic strewn everywhere it’s heartbreaking to see it. I get we can’t change everything but plastic is an easy solution that we can all make a difference to.

“So when I had the business I thought I’ve made all these changes at home, why can’t it be a business thing? It’s actually been easier in the business than at home! We’ve got a few people who have business in town and as soon as they hear we were going plastic free they’ve got on board. Moreso the adults … that’s where we see the main impact. The kids are on it at school.”