Inspire Tides - Jo

Inspire Tides

About the Business

Current Actions:

  • All jewellery is made from recycled beach plastic materials
  • Jewellery arrives on card
  • Reuses own packaging for postage
  • Stopped using plastic confetti / tissue and cardboard used in packages
  • Refill bottles / coffee cups used
  • Keeps takeaway tubs for reuse
  • Recycles all she can

Proposed Actions:

  • Trying to phase out plastic sleeves
  • Will use packswap for bubblewrap and other post/packing stuff
  • Will put slips in to track how much packaging is reused and explain its reused packaging
  • Already uses Eco friendly cleaners – but is now looking into refill options

“As I walked along the shore of one of my local beaches here in beautiful Cornwall, I was saddened to see just how much harmful plastic waste littered the sand.

I began frequent beach cleans gathering up as much plastic pollution as I could carry and my Inspire Tides journey began! Despite being a danger to the environment, I couldn’t help noticing just how colourful and beautiful the plastics looked and thought others might feel the same. I asked myself how I could reuse these pieces and spread the word about plastic pollution and environmental issues.”