Indulgence 1

Indulgence Catering

About the Business

Name: Rebecca Farrindon, Owner

Action to Date:

  • No plastic bottles of drink
  • Don’t offer straws
  • Sustainable hot drink carriers
  • Use cake domes for displaying cake instead of cling film
  • Wooden stirrers
  • Swapped to biodegradable cups, lids and sandwich boxes
  • Swapped to cornstarch bags and cutlery

Proposed Action:

  • Talking to suppliers about using less plastic
  • Formalise discount for hot drinks if customer has a reusable cup
  • Looking for alternatives for crisp packets

“The next step for us is to convince our suppliers to stop using so much plastic wrapping when they do deliveries. We’ve found that sometimes it’s difficult because even though you might speak to one person at the company who will agree not to put our stuff in plastic bags, the next week it might be packed by someone else. I guess the more businesses who put pressure on them, the more likely they are to just stop using it altogether.

“It’s been great to see our customers taking more interest in what their food, and particularly drinks, are served in. We have noticed more and more people bringing their own reusable coffee cups.”